There are 18 skills in Skyrim, each of which determines how well you can perform various tasks. Skills increase as you use them, which in turn increases your character's level. The initial value for most skills is 15, although each race has a bonus to certain skills. You can read more about skill bonuses and legendary skills on the Hermitgamer website, source link. Perks are a new feature in Skyrim. Each skill has associated perks that can be unlocked when your character improves his skill level. 180 skills are available in the game, if you take into account all the open ranks for each skill, in the end there are 251 skills. Perks are detailed on individual skill pages, along with the requirements for obtaining them. Opening one perk characteristically gives certain opportunities to the character and his overall level increases.

For over forty years, we’ve maintained a continuous focus on quality services performed in the safest manner possible. As a multi-faceted provider for Security, Staffing and Janitorial services, our clients know they can depend on our team to serve them well. By offering a broad range of services under one management umbrella, we are able to serve clients individually and personally with consistent oversight and response.

Through our comprehensive services delivered by American Security, we answer the need for clients in corporate, distribution, health care, institutional and manufacturing markets as well as those with special-events requirements. Our Action Staffing business provides resource solutions for large-scale manufacturing and distribution center clients with large and small staffing needs. And, with ACI Janitorial, green janitorial services that promote more responsible use of cleaning techniques and materials provides clients with top quality house-keeping, specialized cleaning and general maintenance services – whether in manufacturing, corporate or distribution center markets.
American Services is here for you and has the solution for Security, Staffing and Janitorial needs for demanding organizations.

Quality Assurance Program

American Services’ Quality Service Assurance program provides all clients the highest level of service possible as measured by the quality performance of our employees. We feel that our program insures that only the highest standards of quality and service are met and maintained at all times. Comprehensive job descriptions are developed for all positions and training programs are implemented which enable employees to perform their best in delivering full client satisfaction.

Our site supervisors and district managers are personally involved to ensure performance levels are met in keeping with our strict quality standards. We maintain records of all site inspections regardless of whether or not these are scheduled and take appropriate actions where necessary to correct any issues or note specific improvement initiatives.

Before assignment, a new employee will be informed of our expectations and will be provided with an explanation of the Quality Service Assurance program, Safety Policies and Training programs. Each employee will be evaluated on their job performance on a six-(6) month basis. In the event an employee receives a marginal or poor rating, then additional training will be provided to improve their performance. Evaluation forms and the actions taken, if any, are added to the employee's file.

The prevailing goal at American Services is to provide our customers with the best available resources for their needs whether for Security, Staffing or Janitorial. Our Quality Service Assurance program serves as the on-going guide to consistently perform our duties as our clients expect and deserve.

Safety Policy

American Services is totally committed to safety and loss control without compromise. We comply with all safety regulations and laws of the state and federal government. In doing so, it is our intention that each employee shall work in a safe, healthy and drug free work environment. This means providing maximum protection from controllable hazards and giving our employees all the necessary information, training and appropriate equipment that allows them to perform their duties in a safe, effective manner. Taking this approach creates a mindset in all employees that safety is a priority and that every duty will be performed in the safest manner possible.

The supervisors and managers at American Services are experienced professionals who know how to listen and take corrective action on reported or identified safety concerns at their sites. Employees will be evaluated on their contribution to the safety program and adherence to the General Safety Rules.